What is TigerPLY ?

TigerPLY is engineered plywood made with hardwood veneers harvested from environmentally friendly and sustainable plantations.


Plywood is often referred to as the “original” engineered wood product, first patented in the 1860s and brought into large scale production in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1900s. It is made from thin sheets of wood veneer, called plies, stacked together in layers, with the direction of each layer’s grain differing from its neighbor by 90° (cross-banding). These plies are bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives, making a composite building material with a high degree of structural strength and resistant to cracking, shrinkage, twisting and warping


The TigerPLY team has spent many years developing and engineering its current core options including the high performance B-CORE which is 70% stronger than typical Hardwood plywood with Fir Core.


TigerPLY has proven to be a particularly effective alternative to plywood historically dominated by Lauan and Meranti products from Malaysia, and Birch plywood from Russia. Key points considering that Lauan and Meranti are tropical lowland rainforest trees that are now on the forest endangered species list.

More common types of plywood are generally made of softwood veneers - Douglas fir, spruce or pine - and are typically used for construction and industrial purposes.


TigerPLY is engineered with only hardwood veneers, making it far superior in performance and adaptable for a wide range of commercial applications, such as cabinets and architectural components.


These hardwood veneers are primarily Poplar, grown on plantations, which produces a high yield fiber output over a relatively short growing cycle. Currently, peeling logs from Poplar saplings are being produced in less than 10 years, making this resource base the most sustainable in the industry.

 Resource Management

   • Vertically integrated global resource base

   • 10 year harvest cycle

   • Advanced forecasting models

   • Improved fiber performance

   • Most sustainable forestry program in our industry